An Olive Branch brand identity.


Vagelis Art was appointed by An Olive Branch's CEO and founder Liam Moore to bring into the visual world his new and innovative project based on his ‘‘Mediation made simple’’ vision.

There's nothing more exciting than creating something totally new that didn't exist before. Firstly we've designed the logo. Inspired by “the handshake” which is the aim of the mediation and the shape of the olive, we've managed to use two cores of the brand (name and services) without of course being literal.

We've followed with the stationery design  including the design and print of business cards on four layered 600gsm Mohawk Superfine paper with a green seam. The notecards were also printed on the same luxurious paper. The design process continued with the An Olive Branch certificate and presentation design.

We've wrapped up this amazing project with the design of the An Olive Branch website. Our aim was to design a simple and elegant website to fit a huge amount of text content in a way that it would be convenient and entertaining for the reader to navigate through. Feel free to have a look at the website in the link below.

Useful link